Friday, 26 February 2016

Forever Living Aroma Spa Collection 

We all love to indulge in spa treatments from time to time. But with some products now available on the market its easier to do treatments at home . I have some fabulous products that can help you have a home spa treatment . 

In this collection you have three wonderful treatments 

  • Relaxation Bath Salts (#286)
  • Relaxation Shower Gel (#287)
  • Relaxation Massage Lotion (#288)

Step 1

Soak away your cares with Relaxation Bath Salts, formulated with legendary Dead Sea Salt, lavender and other essential oils.

Step 2:

 Cleanse with Relaxation Shower Gel; use with our loofah to exfoliate and smooth your skin

Step 3: 

Moisturize with our aromatic, emollient Relaxation Massage Lotion – the perfect end to your ultimate, in-home spa experience.

If you would like to indulge in a spa treatment then please click on the link below

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