Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Today more than ever, pet owners and breeders have to maintain a good standard of health for their animals. This includes animal medical care and the correct daily supply of nutrition. Often major health problems arise in animals because of over feeding and the mal-nutrition of essential basic nutrients. Too much food and an unbalanced diet often lead to obesity which incurs problems such as:
  • Energy loss
  • Problems with the musculoskeletal system
  • Skin disease
  • Damaged intestinal flora etc.

Adding aloe vera gel to pet food can ease a lot of problems with domestic animals; the plant is not a universal remedy but it does supply a reasonable amount of micronutrients which fulfil - within a holistic therapy - an important task in the prophylaxis, after treatment and accompanying treatment of illnesses.

The drinks are stimulating, encourage a good appetite and increase the energy potential and lust for life in your pet.

Externally applied aloe vera is ideal for the care of cat fur, dog skin, horses and other domestic pets. The skin of an animal must be resilient; it has to be protected against environmental influences 
Imbalances of the skin, which consists of several layers and cell types, can result in serious illnesses in the form of infections and allergies. With almost all kinds of skin irritations, aloe vera can be applied as a soothing healing support. The unique combination of the aloe vera compounds accelerates the healing process with injurie

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